Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Process Behind Seating Chart

I was recently hired to lettering on a giant chalkboard, the dimensions are 6 feet by 4 feet wide. The best part of this story is the groom is in New Jersey and the bride is from Missouri, and I was referred to them by someone who had seen my work at another wedding.  Cool, right?  I love stories like this!

This chalkboard was custom made by the bride's father, transported by the brides mother to me and the grooms parents picked up the chalkboard.  So, let's get to my process.

Here I'm standing next to the chalkboard to give you an idea of the size.   

The chalkboard needs to be primed first, this will prevent ghost images when changes are made.

Next is planning the layout, spacing and lettering styles.  This was the first layout.

I scrapped the first layout, and reworked the wedding date banner, curving it upward.  This created a more appealing look, but I still needed to do rework the guest names.

So I changed the seating chart to flow with the banner for an aesthetically pleasing look. 

The finally product, I had so much fun with this job.  

The products used for this chalkboard, cheap chalk for priming the chalk board, ruler, good chalk for layout design and chalk markers for the finally piece.  

Your Creative Friend,

Friday, August 5, 2016

Working On My Dream

Making my dreams a reality mean working hard on many different projects the last few months, but I've haven't had a chance to post.  It has been my pleasure to work on several weddings and a few commissions.  This year I have explore working with chalk and chalkboard, and have found that it's so much fun.  Especially after address wedding envelopes that for the most part are traditional Roundhand/Copperplated script.

Your Creative Friend,

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Art Series

I'm excited to share my Butterfly art series.  Butterflies have always captivated me with their simple elegance after coming out of the cocoon.  Butterflies flutter through the air almost appearing like they have no really direction, other then to put moving spots of color in our world.

I'm sharing the first two piece that have already be posted on Facebook, however the rest I will save for a Flutter By Unveil event.  Please leave comments and share you thoughts.


Wedding Fun

Time flies by so quickly when your busy with day to day living.  Which in my case also includes the flurry of creativity in my studio that keeps me sane.  Two wedding that I just completed.

I love what I do, especially when I see the enthusiasm in my customers face after they have received the completed project.


Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I've had fun the last couple of months working on chalkboard.  They have been for personal use as well as for a client.  My choice was to stick with traditional chalk and not chalk markers, so that I could change up my sign easily.

My daughters prom inspired the first piece.

This sign was made for my daughter's graduation party.

The last on was a request from a new client and owner of Arts on Elm, here in O'Fallon.

This was fun and I look forward to more opportunities play with chalk and chalkboards.

Letter On,

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What Tools You Really Need

Every time I clean my studio my husband makes this comment "wow, you sure do have a lot of stuff." This is so very true!  I've collected a lot of art supplies over the years. Supplies I purchased for both classes I attend or was teaching that end up collecting dust after the excitement has diminished.  Other supplies were purchase because it was a good deal, or I was struck by an idea for a new project. 

However, if you ask me what should I purchase to start practicing my lettering, I would suggest the following:

1)  Good practice paper / sketch book to practice in whenever you want.
2)  Pencils, different types 
3)  Eraser
4)  Grid pad for copperplate and graph paper
5)  Ruler
6)  Sharpener
7)  Tracing Paper  -  use to trace letters for books to practice

I know this sounds boring, but you will be amazing at what you can learn using a pencil and copy paper.  Next, I recommend finding a guild and signing up for classes, to learn different lettering styles.  I prefer to be in a classroom setting where I can see the tools used, interact with other students as well as with the teacher.  But, if you decide to take an online class, take time and do your research, find a seasoned calligraphy teacher that is inspirational.  Best of all you can purchase books and check out online videos to learn about tools and techniques.  

Supplies in the above picture are, pencil, mechanical pencil, eraser, grid pad, ruler, Sumi Ink, McCaffery's Ink (haven't decided if I like this ink), two oblique pen holders with different nibs, little ink holders, and Schmincke Gold.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Celebrating 90 Years

I have some amazing family members, my uncle is most definitely on the top of my list.  I can't even being to imagine all the things my uncle has seen and done in his 90 years. I can tell you he has a great sense of humor and a big heart. His gift had to resemble him, simple, uncomplicated, and to the point.  I decided that this quote was perfect to mark this memorable birthday.

Keep Calm and Letter On,